Pacific Curls: Put Your Finger on the Pulse of a Global Sound

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pacificCurlsExperiencing a Pacific Curls performance has been described as putting your finger on the pulse of a global sound.

This talented trio has an impressive repertoire featuring the ukulele, cajon (percussion instrument), various other percussive instruments, fiddle, Taonga pūoro (traditional instruments of the Māori people), guitar, stomp box, and kalimba.

With vocals in English, Te Reo Māori (Māori language), and Rotuman (indigenous language of a South Pacific island group), lifted up by backbeat Pacific rhythms, vivacious fiddle playing and evocative Māori instrumentation, Pacific Curls have pioneered a fusion sound that seamlessly blends their indigenous roots.

While their music defies classification, the joy it evokes is universally understood.