Our Values


Mariposa Folk Foundation values and seeks to create a spirit of friendship and community that is welcoming to all.


Mariposa Folk Foundation values the ‘new’ in artistic expression, and reflects progressive ideas and changing times in its programming.


Mariposa Folk Foundation values personal growth and development, and seeks to expose people to ideas and experiences that will enable them to learn and grow.


Mariposa Folk Foundation values, promotes and demonstrates a respect for the welfare of the planet and its people.


Mariposa Folk Foundation values the loyalty and trust of its audience and supporters, and continually seeks to earn that trust by:

  • Demonstrating respect for its various constituencies
  • Ensuring that its programs and activities are entertaining, enriching, safe and of high quality
  • Maintaining a high ethical standard of honesty and fairness in its governance, its activities and its finances


Mariposa Folk Foundation values diversity, and welcomes a wide range of performers, artists, volunteers, members, audiences, community partners and friends.