Media Registration

Media accreditation for the 2024 Mariposa Folk Festival is now open

After reading the information below, click here for the media accreditation application

Please be aware that the criteria for media accreditation is as follows:

  • Restricted to media outlets reporting on the Festival.
  • Reporters receiving accreditation must commit to publishing/broadcasting/reporting the festival
  • Media outlets that publish/broadcast/report Mariposa content in the weeks leading up to the Festival will be considered for automatic accreditation.
  • Press applying for accreditation for the first time will be required to explain how they intend to publish/broadcast/report the content.
  • Returning media may be required to demonstrate that they published/broadcast/reported content in the days following the last festival they attended and/or in the weeks leading up to that festival.
  • Freelance reporters, photographers and/or videographers reporting on the Festival must demonstrate that they are under commission, and that the content will be published/broadcast/reported.

Additional Criteria (Non-Traditional Media Applicants):

Applications will be assessed through objective and subjective analyses in order to determine whether the reporting could be expected to provide reasonable added value to the festival. Considerations will include:

  • The relative reach of the media with regard to readership, viewership, followers and other relevant metrics.
  • The relevance of the editorial focus with regard to Mariposa’s mandate.
  • The quality of the publishing/broadcasting.