Accessibility at Mariposa Folk Festival

The Festival is committed to offering exceptional service to its patrons by providing an environment that is inclusive, accessible, and respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. In order to help us maintain these standards, please advise the Mariposa Folk Festival Office Staff by calling us at 705-326-3655 prior to your visit if you are a person with a disability who requires assistance to participate in the festival, or in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Mariposa makes its best efforts to ensure the festival is as accessible as possible to people with special needs. Our complete Persons with Disabilities Customer Service Policy and related forms are available for download.

Stop by our Information Tent for assistance, a place to rest, or to get information on accessibility, including the best pathways to stages, vendors, workshop sites, washroom facilities, as well as medical suppliers.

Large-print schedules are also available at the Information Tent.

Customer Service Policy

Accessible Parking

Due to limited availability, only those patrons with an official Accessible Parking Permit recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will be able to park in the accessible parking area.

Fifty (50) accessible parking spots are available at the front gate. If all of the designated accessible parking spots are occupied when you arrive, our parking volunteers will help you find a suitable parking alternative.

Service Animals

As part of Mariposa’s commitment to respectfully accommodate our patrons with disabilities, registered service animals are welcome to attend the festival, as well as our offices, with those who require them.

Please note that all service animals will receive a band to be worn on their collar. This will allow Mariposa volunteers to identify legitimate service animals on the festival grounds. All service animals must be leashed.

It is important for service animals to be identifiable to other patrons as well, as many people have animal allergies, and the festival advertises and upholds a no animal policy. The owner of any animal on the festival site not wearing a band issued by the festival will be directed to the Accreditation Desk to verify their legitimacy as a service animal.

Personal Support Workers

Personal Support Workers who are providing assistance to patrons with special needs at the festival are admitted free of charge. At no time will a person with a disability be knowingly prevented from having access to personal support while on the festival premises. A support person can be a paid professional, volunteer, family member or a friend. Recognized Companions and Personal Support Workers are admitted to the festival free of charge. Mariposa Folk Festival welcomes children 12 and under for free with a guardian. However, they may be admitted with a Support Worker.

Accessible Toilets

There are accessible ‘port-a-potties’ in each bank of washrooms located throughout the festival site. If they do not meet your needs, an accessible washroom in the Barnfield Recreation Centre (near the accessible parking area) will be open until 11:00 p.m. each day of the Festival. 

Seating Areas

Accessible seating areas will be located and clearly marked wherever possible. Accessible seating is available at the:

  • Main Stage
  • Pub Stage

For patrons and their companions wishing to enter the Pub Stage area, please advise the Site Safety Volunteers located at the entrance to the venue. Should you wish, they will guide you to an accessible entrance and seating area.

Accessible Trails

Paved pathways surround the perimeter of the festival venue, including along the water’s edge. Most of the pathways within the park are packed dirt, and are also accessible. Cable mats provide easy passage for wheels, both small and large.

Feedback Process

To help us ensure outstanding customer service for people with disabilities, we encourage your comments and feedback, whether positive or negative. Festival patrons who wish to comment on the way we serve and accommodate people with disabilities are encouraged to provide feedback in person, by telephone at 705-326-3655 or email. 


All feedback including complaints will be handled by the Mariposa Folk Festival President. Customers can expect to hear back within ten (10) business days.

You can access our feedback form here.

Our complete Persons with Disabilities Customer Service Policy and related forms are available to download.