Showcase for Emerging Artists – Auditions

Winners Have Been Selected from the Mariposa Showcase for Emerging Artists for the 2023 Mariposa Folk Festival

Thank you to all the artists who made submissions this year.

This year’s Mariposa Showcase Auditions were held on April 30th – what a wonderful demonstration of talent, passion and musicality. All in front of a packed house at St Paul’s Centre. Thanks to the sound team, volunteers and especially all the amazing artists.

The following acts were selected and have been invited to the 2023 Mariposa Folk Festival:

Po’ Boy and Calamity Jane

Doghouse Orchestra

The Gardeners

The Handsome Devils

Mariposa Folk Festival has a proud reputation of discovering and launching new talent. One important way we do this is through our annual Mariposa Showcase for emerging artists – an audition in front of panel of judges and a live audience. Why not make a submission and try for a chance to audition to perform at Mariposa Folk Festival 2023?

Making a Submission:

The Showcase Committee reviews electronic submissions only.  Email your submission during the application window (January 18 to February 28).

Your submission should include:

  • Brief biography (less than 100 words)
  • Links (not attachments) to three songs. Preference for YouTube clips of live performance.
  • If your submission includes musicians who won’t be taking part in the Showcase, please specify which musicians will participate.

Acts with more than 3 full-length CD recordings do not qualify to audition at the Showcase (does not include former projects with other bands).

The committee will not accept applications from artists who have been selected to perform at Mariposa Folk Festival in past festivals.

Deadline for 2023 Showcase Applications: Submissions will be accepted at the email address above between January 18, 2023 and February 28, 2023. The earlier the better as our committee will be looking at applications as they are received.

Date and Time of the 2023 Showcase Auditions: The audition will be held on the afternoon of April 30, 2023 at St Paul’s Centre in Orillia, ON. The event is free of charge and all are welcome to come enjoy the music.

Successful Applicants:

Based on the submissions, a shortlist of performers will be invited to audition in Orillia, Ontario, where Mariposa Folk Festival takes place. Only those invited to audition will be contacted at this stage, and the list will be posted on the Mariposa Folk Festival website. Each act will be allotted 20 minutes to setup and perform, which is usually enough for about three songs. A stage crew will assist with setup. Please provide a simple stage plot if you have more than three performers in your group. We can accommodate groups of up to 6 performers. Performers will receive a stipend for their performance.


A panel of judges will choose three finalists from among the auditioning acts. The three finalists will be invited to perform at Mariposa Folk Festival, 2023. The specific time slots and other details will be included in a contract drafted by Mariposa Folk Festival. The final terms of the performance will be discussed with artists before arrangements are finalized. For more information call 705-326-3655 or email the Showcase committee at

Please note, the artists selected to play the Mariposa Folk Festival will be paid fees of: $800 solo, $900 duo, or $1000 band.

Showcase is not for Established Artists:

If you are an established artist wishing to perform at Mariposa Folk Festival, the Showcase is not for you. Established artists can find information here.