Union Duke Making a Highly Demanded Return

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unionDukeIt’s not that often that Mariposa Folk Festival books the same act two years in a row, but when they make a huge impression on our audience, sometimes we make an exception.That’s the case with Union Duke, one of the auditioned Mariposa Showcase Acts at last year’s festival that blew the socks off of everyone. This act is a must see.

Union Duke bridges the divide between big city rock and country bluegrass with alacrity and aplomb. Their entwining, rambling banjos, soaring vocal harmonies, plucking electric guitars, and fast, heel stompin’ beat, along with a rough and rowdy sound and really great tunes, will bring you to your feet or have you bopping in your seat.

If you missed them last year, now you can find out what all the ‘cool kids’ are still talking about. These guys are a whole lot of folk rock fun!

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