Havana’s Conjunto Chappottín Coming to Mariposa

Havana’s Conjunto Chappottín Coming to Mariposa

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conjuntoHavana-based Son band, Conjunto Chappottín, has been performing since the 1940s.

Currently under the direction of the trumpet player, arranger and musical director, Jesus Angel Chappotín Coto, and the percussionist and singer Miguel Cuni junior, the ensemble is one of the most renowned Son bands in Cuba.

Mixing tres guitar, bass, piano, bongos, conga, 4 trumpets and 4 singers, they’re rooted in traditional son fused with son montuno, guajira, guaracha, mambo, danzón, charanga, Afro-son, bembe, rumba, and cha cha.

During the past twenty years, this popular group has put out an average of one recording per year, and toured regularly in the Americas, Europe and Africa.