Teilhard Frost of Shesham and Lotus & ‘Son – Mariposa Talks Interview

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SheeshamLotusSon4Teilhard Frost and Sam Allison (known by their noms de minstrel as Sheesham Crow and Lotus Wight) along with Son Sanderson make up the band Sheesham & Lotus and ‘Son. The trio draws inspiration from ragtime, classic fiddle tunes and music from the early days of recording. In this conversation with Mariposa volunteer Philip Jackman, Teilhard talks about the band’s roots and  what it’s like to record a 78 rpm record at a public swimming pool in northeast England.

Click here to watch a video of Sheesham & Lotus and ‘Son recording their song 1929, direct to a 78 rpm lacquer disk on a 1938 recording lathe.

Here’s some more live performance videos of Sheesham & Lotus and ‘Son for your enjoyment:

Head Over Heels
Drunken Nights
Shake That
Jackson Stomp!