HYDRA (featuring AroarA, Feist, Snowblink) to Headline the Saturday Evening Main Stage

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HYDRA1HYDRA came together at the invitation of Feist to represent her most recent album, Metals, in a completely new live format at the Polaris Music Prize Awards. Joined by two husband and wife duos, Snowblink with their rich and textural ‘soundscapes’, and AroarA with their amplified cigar box twin guitar lines, together they conscripted both the jagged and the lush with mutating voices of not one head but three.

HYDRA2Montreal-based AroarA is a creative duo that amplifies cigar box guitars, uses a 404 sampler to trigger mellotrons and black sabbath bells, blends their voices, and plays twin guitar lines. Their album, In The Pines, is based on the work by the same title of American poet Alice
Notley. It interprets a depression era tableaux laced with quotations from the folk, blues and gospel music of that period.

HYDRA3Starting with her 2004 Juno award winning album, Feist hit the ground running fast. Her next album earned her
four Grammy nominations, six Juno wins, the Shortlist Music Prize, and the opportunity to teach Muppets to count on Sesame Street. She made her Saturday Night Live debut, toured the world, covered an album with Beck, recorded with Wilco, saw Stephen Colbert shimmy in a sequined 1234 jumpsuit, and made a documentary. Then, after resting for a while, she released her album, Metals, which inspired the three-headed collaborative project know as HYDRA.

HYDRA4One of the most compelling voices on the Canadian scene, Snowblink is a duo that describes its music as non-denominational devotional pop from California and Canada. Others have called it dreamy electro-folk. This group has opened for the likes of Feist, Jeff Tweedy, Great Lake Swimmers, and The Hidden Cameras on extended tours throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They have also released two albums to critical acclaim.

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