The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer Bringing Electrifying Blues to Mariposa

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harpoonistAxeMurdererThe name may conjure graphic imagery but this dynamic duo is all about kicking out some pretty raw and primal blues.

Armed with a sack of harmonicas, a mess of foot percussion and a road‐worn Telecaster, The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer pays homage to a decades-deep style of blues, electrifying it with a bolt of new life.

They’re smothered in greasy, gritty soul, and punched up with a little funk.

The music is not polite. In fact, it slaps you on the face and refuses to apologize. But it also cuts through the clutter, anxieties, tensions and phobias of life.

It’s true and real, and that’s how the blues are meant to be played.

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