Doug Paisley Making a Mariposa Appearance

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dougPaisleyDoug Paisley has an outsider’s keen perspective.

He taps into the social lifeblood of America, gently and reverently, with songs that are steeped in poetry, harmony and sweetness, and performed with a honeyed, craggy, and knowing voice.

An artist whose work is not burdened by the trappings of fashion, Paisley ruminates on America’s fate with pleasing authenticity and uncommon clarity.

Refreshing modest, Paisley leaves it to others – the music critics, his peers, and a deeply loyal audience – to sing his praises.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a lengthy biography or detailed list of music credits about this artist.

After all, when one’s body of work speaks so eloquently for itself, little else needs to be said.

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