Craig Cardiff Bringing His Particular Brand of Folk To Mariposa

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craigCardiffHis voice is like a diamond in the rough. His playing is accomplished and ground-breaking. His song writing is exquisite and profound. His stage presence is warm and gripping.

For more than fifteen years, Craig Cardiff has been weaving his way through the Canadian music landscape. With every show, album and workshop, he’s been building a reverent following for his particular brand of folk.

Craig`s musical output ranges from simple and entrancing to guitar-looping complexity, and everywhere in between. This goes a long way to explain his diverse and growing audience.

Craig`s soft but ragged voice has found its way onto nearly one album a year since the start of his career. He’s highly regarded by fans, peers and industry professionals alike, and has been nominated for Canadian Folk Music Awards and Juno Awards.

Come to Mariposa and see for yourself why Craig Cardiff is considered to be an essential folk musician.

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