Baking 5,000 Cookies is Just One of Myriad Volunteer Jobs at Mariposa

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5000cookiesDid you know that Mariposa volunteers serve several hundred meals each day to artists and festival guests in the Green Room (tent actually) in the restricted are behind the Main Stage? Most of the preparation is done in donated commercial kitchens, and the food is transported and served at the festival. It takes hundreds of hours of preparation and planning, and great care goes into ensuring the meals are nutritionally balanced and of high quality. Not only that, everything is done to meet the high and exacting standards of Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. In this photo, volunteers are hard at work in the kitchen of Birchmere On-The-Lake, baking the 5,000 cookies typically consumed during the run of the weekend. The volunteer leading the baking team has a badly fractured arm (you can see the cast in the photo), but that didn’t stop her from getting the job done. This is just one of the many, integral, behind-the-scenes jobs our volunteers do. All told, we have an army of more than 600 volunteers, and each and every one of these great people is essential to putting on a wonderful festival for you to enjoy.