America’s Local Band, Red Wanting Blue, Making at Stop at Mariposa

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redWantingBlueRed Wanting Blue could be described as America’s local band.

With only the aid of word of mouth, hard work and perseverance, they have established a very loyal following in the Midwest, and regularly fill large venues.

After years of hiding in plain sight, now they’re earning national attention. All that can be said about that is, what took so long?

Their passionate and poetic songs bear the testimony of years and many miles on the road, yet their exuberant performances make it all sound new and exciting.

Anchored by the powerful baritone of Scott Terry, this five man rock & band, with nine albums to their credit, is an artistic and entertainment powerhouse.

Their last album, From The Vanishing Point, marked their first recording for an established record label. Before that, they releasing their impressive body of music independently.

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