Adam Cohen is Our Sunday Evening Main Stage Headliner

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adamCohenThree albums into a career that began with his 1998 self-titled debut, Adam Cohen had decided to call it quits, his career as a singer-songwriter not meeting his expectations. But he decided to give it another go, and the wonderful result was his very successful, Like A Man (2011). It has been described as the album through which Adam Cohen “set about a quiet rapprochement with his DNA.” It went gold, Adam went on a long world tour, and anticipation started building for the follow-up.

During a break between concerts, Cohen went into the studio and emerged with a new album, which he scrapped because it didn’t feel honest to him. He quickly made up for it with his next effort, We Go Home (2014), which squarely hit the target. The songs were recorded in rooms as familiar to him as his name, in the little white house on the Greek island of Hydra where he had spent much of his childhood, and in Montreal in the house where he spent his earliest years. The beautiful result is described as “… a brilliant, a warm, rootsy, emotive record…a magnificent bunch of songs.”

While the album has familial and generational inflections – many of the lyrics reference songs of his father, Leonard Cohen – this is no case of riding coat-tails. Adam Cohen has integrated these ideas cleverly and pleasingly to create his own, new and powerful songs. The album’s release was followed by a whirlwind tour that started in Denmark, winded its way through Europe, moved on to Australia, and now brings him to Mariposa Folk Festival.

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