Neo Folk Indie String Band – The BelleRegards

Neo Folk Indie String Band – The BelleRegards

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belleRegardsWith a pinch of bluegrass, a dash of rockabilly, and a dollop of neo folk, this 4-piece string band cooks up high-energy live shows, foot-stomping rhythms, trad breaks, and good humour.

Influenced by artists ranging from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, to Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Clash and Fleetwood Mac, The BelleRegards serve-up something for every musical taste, with a heaping helping of indie edge on the side.

Led by a duo of singer-songwriter vocalists, the band’s sound is spiced-up by guitars, mandolin, harmonica, slapped and bowed upright bass, and old-timey fiddle.

They’re good, new-fashioned, foot-stompin’ fun, and we know you’ll find their sound simply ‘delicious’.