Folkplay – A Festival Within a Festival

Folkplay – A Festival Within a Festival

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folkplayListFolkplay is a veritable festival-within-a-festival for kids, with lots of quality activities, entertainment and fun times to keep your little folkie engaged and happy.

Hours of operation are Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Don’t forget, folkies 12 & under are admitted free to Mariposa Folk Festival, but must be accompanied by a ticket-bearing guardian at all times.

The many activities in store for your little folkie include:

Garland Making
Participants create garland wreaths strewn with flowers, ribbons and other decorations to wear on their head.

Story Telling and Face Painting
Fabulous paints transform little faces into masterpieces while listening to ear-tickling, heart-warming tales.

Bead Making
Create bracelets, necklaces and other fancy stuff to wear.

Clay Making
Create everything from animals to pinch pots, to dragons and dinosaurs. Let them discover their inner sculptor.

Everything Bags
Makes masks from large bags, puppets from medium
bags, and sculpted trees from small bags.

sunshineStageThe Amazing Frank Clarkson
A magician who puts on a show and wanders around with fantastic and amazing surprises.

Todd Crowley’s Musical Petting Zoo
Pluck a harp. Drum on a djembe. Womp-womp on a didgeridoo. Buzz into a shofar. Strum a mountain dulcimer. Frail a banjo and more.

Shakers, Rattles and Rasps
Design and build a shaker, rattle or rasp, then create percussive sounds.

Painting of Small Wooden Objects
Paint one or two small wooden objects.

Name Tags and Sign My Arm Band
Create a personally designed name tag. Role on a card board sleeve and have friends and performers autograph it.

Centre Games
Kick a ball, toss a frisbee, or play a huge game of checkers.

Clarabella the Clown
Clarabella will make wonderful balloon creations and paint faces.

Urban Fairy Tales
Puppet and singing troop that will perform and make paper bag puppets.

Mr. B and Friends
Sing along with Mr. B and Friends: Fred, Xena and Sean.