Lucho Quequezana Riding a High to Mariposa

Lucho Quequezana Riding a High to Mariposa

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luchoQuequezanaWith his music transcending into youthful playfulness – even as an established, internationally renowned artist – conventional descriptions cannot do justice to the story of Lucho Quequezana.

Nurtured on Andean Peruvian rhythms, his horizons then expanded to a broad range of Peruvian music, mixed with foreign rhythms.

Driven by innate curiosity, he has mastered more than 25 stringed, percussion and wind instruments.

He has also toured internationally numerous times, and now adds celebrated composer of sound scores to his impressive list of artistic credits.

Nominated for a Latin Grammy Award for his album, Combi (2014), Lucho is riding on a high as he makes his Mariposa debut.