Kim Wempe: An Old Soul with Artistic Conviction

Kim Wempe: An Old Soul with Artistic Conviction

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kimWempeEvery now an then a young artist with the confidence and depth of a storied minstrel comes along and blows you away. Kim Wempe is an artist like that.

Hailing from a small farming town in Saskatchewan, she is an old soul with artistic conviction.

Some of her pared-down, percussive tunes would have sounded new if they were played decades ago in an old honky tonk. Other originals have an energy that builds and envelops the audience.

Wempe has worked with some of the most appreciated musicians on the folk/roots scene including Joel Plaskett, Old Man Luedecke, Thom Swift, and Geoff Hilhorst of The Deep Dark Woods. She has also received recognition from the East Coast Music Awards as well as Music Nova Scotia.

Her new album, Coalition, is roots-tinged pop/blues, influenced by Americana storytelling and gospel melodies.

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