Mariposa Folk Festival has really good food!

Mariposa Folk Festival has really good food!

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mpFoodOur food vendors are carefully selected for value, quality and range of choices to give you lots of great options the whole weekend through.

We have everything from vegetarian to comfort food to ethnic cuisine so, regardless of your dietary needs or preferences, we have you covered.

Just like every other aspect of the festival, you can be assured that our food vendors maintain the highest environmental, ethical and social standards.

Here’s the list of food vendors we’ve lined-up for Mariposa Folk Festival 2013:

mpFood1Sunshine BBQ
Sausage, hot dogs and back bacon on a bun, with organic selections. These folks are a local establishment and Mariposa favorite.

ERA 67
Experience charcoal corn on the cob with flavoured butter, Canadian peameal bacon, lettuce and tomato, pulled pork sliders and riblets.

Aladdin Indian Cuisine
Vegetable Samosa, beef Samosa, Chana Masala, butter chicken, mango lassi and much more.

Apple Fritter Factory
Pennsylvania Dutch Treats such as Appel Flappen (Apple Fritters), funnel cakes and fries/fingers. The fried treat menu includes deep fried Mars Bars, Twinkies and Oreos.

mpFood2Black River Food Company
Organic local vegetables, farmed elk, bison, trout, corn fritters.

Bread Head
Pizza in the Neapolitan tradition – organic flour, a thin crust, balanced and flavourful toppings, baked in a wood fired oven.

Concessions Canada – Coco Loco
Among other great things, they have real coconut beverages.

Farmer’s Daughter Kettle Corn
An irresistible snack, cooked in an authentic open kettle the old fashioned way. Stirred by hand until each kernel pops, covering itself in a delicious coating.

Simmo’s Original Smoke Grill
Authentic Caribbean cuisine made from fresh ingredients.
Juice Me Up
For a morning boost, a midday snack or an evening treat, indulge in a gourmet smoothie made from freshly squeezed artisan juices using local Ontario produce.

Uncle Terry’s Fries
Sweet potato fries, deep fried pickles, mushrooms and onion rings.

Lemon Heaven
Regular, cherry, lime and iced tea flavored, freshly squeezed lemonade.

Just Like Mom Used to Buy – Tornado Potato
A skewered whole potato cut with a specialized spiral slicer, fried then sprinkled with dry seasonings.

Sweet Dreams Ice Cream
41 flavours of ice cream including frozen yogurt and sherbet. Waffle and sugar cones are available.

The Tamale GirlmpFood3
Texas style tamales that are naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and egg-free! Vegan options available, as are “carne-style” options for the meat lovers.

Thai Plate Restaurant
Authentic Thai cuisine made with quality, fresh ingredients.

Ultimate Concession Trailer
Hand-Cut fries, poutine and juicy beef burgers on a toasted bun.

Men with Knives
Gourmet barbecue – a fully equipped mobile kitchen and wood fired smoker for delicious food.

Nuss Enterprises
Schnitzel on a bun, a variety of fruit crepes, and pancakes for breakfast.

100% delicious fruit popsicles. Give them to your kids without feeling guilty!