Griddle Pickers – Acoustic Country and Bluegrass

Griddle Pickers – Acoustic Country and Bluegrass

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griddlepickersAcoustic country and bluegrass band, The Griddle Pickers is dedicated to producing organic, homegrown music steeped in the area’s diverse mix of musical traditions.

They’re a tight and close-knit group, with brothers Sean and Dale Patrick providing lightning-quick pickin’, supported by bassist Mike Milner and his guitar-strummin’ daughter, Sarah.

With vocal talent ranging from bass to soprano, all four members sing, blending their voices to create rich harmonies.

Playing traditional and original bluegrass, country and folk tunes, they’re willing to break the rules and take risks and produce delightful musical surprises.

They have been performing across the region, and were recently interviewed for Bluegrass Canada Magazine.