Oh My Darling, Boy Can These Girls Play!

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Appearing on the Sunday Evening Main Stage and on various other stages during the festival weekend, Oh My Darling is a group with a sweet name and an even sweeter sound. Their mix of prairie roots, bluegrass, Appalachian old time, southern twang, and Franco-folk is a beautiful mélange of musical influences. Infused with dynamic vocals, brilliant claw-hammer banjo, inspired fiddling, and grooving bass, their music will get your hips swinging, toes tapping, and put your heart right into their hands. Individually, each of the members is among the hottest players on the Canadian roots scene. Together, boy can these girls play. Expect dazzling solos, soaring vocals, and unique grooves, along with beautiful arrangements that weave together poetic lyricism and lovely melodies. Check out this live performance of one of their francophone arrangements, Champ de Bataille, written by Louis Riel as a prisoner in Regina in 1885, not long before he was executed for High Treason.