Mariposa Folk Festival and Sawdust City Brewing Company are ready to celebrate summer with the re-launch of Mariposa Sun Lager on June 3rd – this year with a social mission

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ORILLIA & GRAVENHURST, ONTARIO (JUNE 1, 2021) – In 2020, Mariposa Folk Festival and Sawdust City Brewing Company teamed up to create Mariposa Sun Lager.

“We can’t be together at the Mariposa Folk Festival again this year. But we can still share a Mariposa Sun Lager – at a distance – turn up the music, and dream of next year’s festival at Tudhope Park in Orillia,” said Mariposa Folk Foundation President, Pam Carter.

Mariposa’s twice-cancelled folk festival is symptomatic of the devastation felt across the live music industry. Therefore, Sawdust City and Mariposa will donate a portion of every sale of Mariposa Sun Lager to Unison Fund, Canada’s music industry charity.

“Supporting Unison means helping artists, production crews, and the entire live music ecosystem. When we’re allowed to gather again for live music, Mariposa will be ready, and we want all of our friends in the industry to be there with us. We’re all in this together!” added Carter.
This super drinkable, light lager is made with flaked corn, Canadian pale 2-row malt, and a touch of German pilsner malt. The result is a clean, crisp, classic light lager, perfect for enjoying with your favourite tunes outside on a sunny day. 

Starting on June 3rd, the brew is available at the Sawdust City Brewing Company retail location in Gravenhurst, Ontario or can be ordered online at The tasty brew sold out quickly last summer so production will be doubled for 2021.

With a celebrated track record of tasty and flavourful ales, porters, stouts, sours, IPAs, and more, Sawdust City is proud to continue the tradition of precision craft brewing with the release of Mariposa Sun Lager.

“This is the ideal summer lager,” said Sam Corbeil, Sawdust City Brewmaster. “When discussing this collaboration with our partners at Mariposa we were inspired to create something flavourful yet sessionable, that captures the unique spirit of the Mariposa Folk Festival. So we did our collective thing – seeking out the perfect balance of ingredients and producing a beer with classic lager characteristics. It’s a labour of love when it all comes together like it has for Mariposa Sun Lager.” 

The beer’s name and label are nods to the magical Mariposa moments that have been shared for more than 60 plus years. “Everyone who has attended the festival would agree, there is nothing like a Mariposa sunset, a hippie van in the distance, acoustic guitars strumming, and people singing along,” said Mariposa Folk Foundation Vice-president Ken Rovinelli. “We wanted to capture that vibe in both the beer and the branding.”

Brewed in a small batch and available for a limited time, Mariposa Sun Lager has a 4.2% alcohol by volume and is brewed to be enjoyed fresh, which means directly from the fridge or cooler in back yards, on patios, at campsites or at beaches with folk music playing in the background.


Unison Fund, Canada’s music industry charity, provides counselling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community in times of hardship or difficulties. For over a decade, Unison has been committed to helping producers, engineers, singers/songwriters, musicians, production crews, and thousands more through our financial assistance and counselling and health solutions programs. For more information, please visit: If you can, PLEASE make a donation by visiting or text the word ‘UNISON’ to 45678 and follow the prompts to donate $10, $20, or $25.  Every donation counts.  Every donation helps.  Let’s keep Canadian music and entertainment ALIVE.