Live Performance of Change the Sheets by Friday Evening Headliner Kathleen Edwards

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Check out this live performance video of Change the Sheets by Mariposa’s Friday Evening Headliner, Kathleen Edwards. It is from her most recent album, Voyageur. Kathleen Edwards is a musical raconteur, lyrical poet, angelic voice and gifted performer. This video gives you a real sense of the beautiful performance she has in store for Mariposa fans.

Kathleen is known as a consummate artist who releases her music only when it’s good and ready, however long that takes. Her four studio albums over the past twelve years or so have elevated her stature with each and every recording. Her most recent album, Voyageur (2012), has received high critical acclaim on both sides of the border. It reached the #39 position on the U.S. Billboard 200 and the #2 position in Canada; earned the #2 spot on SPIN’s 20 Best Country Albums of 2012; garnered the #5 spot on Q’s top 20 albums of the year; and came in at #7 on the Los Angeles Times Best of 2012 for Pop Music Singles.

Here’s the video…