The JD Edwards Band Coming from Canada’s Middle City to Mariposa

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jdEdwardsA lot of great Canadian music has come out of Winnipeg over the decades, and this just might be the decade when The JD Edwards Band sets the Canadian scene on fire.

Anything but a genre driven band, the music of this Winnipeg-based group ranges seamlessly from electric folk-rock to groovy soul vibe to laid back acoustic.

Lured to Canada’s ‘middle city’ by its vibrant music scene, JD Edwards linked up with a clutch of skilled musicians then honed a killer sound.

The band’s live show is in a whole other electrifying category of its own, delivered with contagious optimism and energy, and a full pallet of aural textures.

Led by JD, this six person band, which cites Joe Strummer, Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder and J.J. Cale as influences, is a ‘quenching tonic for thirsty ears’.