The Carper Family to Swing Through Mariposa

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carperFamilyCrystalline harmonies, swinging melodies, bopping rhythms and sheer musical fun. These are just some of the descriptors for The Carper Family, an Austin Texas based trio that’s generating critical praise and a lot of attention wherever they perform. With immaculately blending voices, warm, enticing songs, an upright bass, a fiddle and a guitar, The Carper Family has a sound that’s new – 50 years ago. Their original tunes range from deeply-moving to profoundly quirky, and their catalogue of lesser known country titles is equally rich. They are dedicated to preserving the fertile and sprawling history of American country music through bluegrass, old-time, country and swing tunes that honour American musical traditions at every step. If bringing joy to audiences is the ticket to success, it’s a sure bet that these three will be playing their new-old music to lucky folks for many many years to come. See them live at Mariposa Folk Festival 2014.

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