Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill’s EP releases have been created in four very different corners of the globe! From the graffiti splashed streets of Berlin, to the dense green rainforests of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast; Kim climbs to the jaw dropping chasms of Australia’s Blue Mountains. ‘The End’ is the third EP from his new project where each song taps into the people and environments of some of his favourite parts of the world. There are 4 EP’s in total, each EP written and recorded with local artists. The locations are: Berlin, Germany. Vancouver Island, Canada. The Blue Mountains, Australia and Devon, The UK.

The third EP, ‘The End’ was recorded in Australia in the Blue Mountains with long time collaborator and dear friend Ian Pritchett. Having grown up on the far south coast of NSW, Kim explores his desire to head north and explore the vast canyons and beautiful rugged landscapes of the Blue Mountains. ‘It’s always been a dream of mine to get lost in those mountains and see what songs blossom into existence’. I’ve always been so drawn to the ocean here in Australia and it felt like it was time for a new backdrop and to see how those sheer cliff faces on every side would inspire me’.

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