Doghouse Orchestra

Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Toronto, Ontario, Doghouse Orchestra is a collective that has captivated audiences with their boundary-breaking sound. This dynamic band has become a staple at the iconic venue The Cameron House, where they take the stage every Sunday. Led by bassist Matt Coldwell, the ensemble weaves through a variety of styles crafting a sonic experience that defies categorization.

2023 marked the release of the groups debut recordings and saw them embark on a tour including performances at Mariposa Folk Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival, and South Country Fair. The band made a lasting impression on music lovers across the country and earned recognition by winning Mariposa Emerging Artist Showcase.

With their intoxicating blend of genres, soulful grooves, and spontaneous performances, Doghouse Orchestra continues to push creative boundaries and offer a sound that is both timeless and irresistibly modern. As they continue to make their mark in the music world, their passionate approach promises an exciting future ahead. Brace yourselves for an extraordinary musical journey – every Sunday at The Cameron House and Beyond.

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