Kalàscima feat. Andrea Ramolo 

Kalàscima with Andrea Ramolo is an exciting new international collaboration of world music in the Italian language featuring southern Italian electronic/folk band Kalàscima and multiple Canadian Folk Music Award nominee and alternative songwriter Andrea Ramolo. This musical endeavour supported by the Canada Arts Council was created with the intention of introducing Canadian audiences to the ancestral and folk music of southern Italy… but with a twist. Kalàscima blends Italian hip hop, folk, traditional, Balkan, and other Mediterranean sounds with electronic music. With Andrea’s soulful voice and knowledge of the traditional dance southern Italy this project promises to get crowds jumping and dancing in a Mediterranean-style trance. High energy music accompanied by goat-skin hand drums, Italian bagpipes, accordion, Bouzouki, mandolin, baritone sax, multiple harmonies, drums, synth, and electronic sounds as well as the soul and passion of southern Italy is coming to Canada in 2023!

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