Jane’s Party

With some bands, you know exactly what to expect every time you slide on the headphones. Maybe it’s three power chords driven by pure adrenaline, or pulsing ‘80s-inspired synth pop with hooks for days. But then there are bands like Jane’s Party – bands that combine colours and textures from various styles into a constantly-evolving sonic tapestry; that can shift shapes from song to song and album to album while staying consistently good, consistently compelling, and consistently true to themselves. For Jane’s Party – Jeff Giles (keys/guitar/vocals), Tom Ionescu (guitar/vocals), Devon Richardson (bass/vocals), and Zach Sutton (drums) – that’s largely a product of a hard-earned and enviable musical synergy. The talented Toronto-based foursome united amidst their university years in 2006, initially playing one-of-a-kind covers to packed clubs throughout the city before collaborating on some output of their own. “I think it was a common love of original music and an open-mindedness to try out anything that felt right that brought us together, and we really had no set agenda,” begins Richardson. “But once we started writing and then sharing songs, we realized this meant a lot to us – and other people were getting into it, too.”

Their onstage prowess has earned them tour slots alongside Tom Odell, Arkells, Lord Huron, Blue Rodeo, and Lights, to name a few, and will soon find them pushing further into the U.S. and Europe on their already-impressive trajectory. Through it all, they’ve engaged their fans and earned new ones thanks to a quirky creative flare manifested in unique covers (both live and on their busy YouTube channel), clever video concepts, and of course, great music – always ambitious, always evolving, and yet always Jane’s Party.

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